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Different levels of fundraisers your organization or school can purchase that not only help educate and enrich students lives, but puts habitat and awareness back out into the world! You purchase the program, we fill the orders and the participants not only get to keep the profits, they get two seedlings per plant sold to benefit any habitat and education projects the organization would like to sponsor. For instance a school might use half the seedlings for their own school garden and the other half for a habitat restoration or a public works garden - even industrial complexes can put in habitat for the monarch!

Habitat restoration made easy!

  • Determine the benefits you would like to see for your neighborhood, school or land conservancy
  • Set a reasonable goal for your team
  • Choose the fundraiser package that is right for your organization
  • Set a date to begin and to end the fundraiser, including your project deadline
  • We can help you with all steps. We can also train your team!
  • All milkweed habitat restored gets reported to monarch watch and adds to the known acreage!
  • Your success is guaranteed

    No matter how many plants you sell, you will receive your seedlings for your projects, guaranteed. You can rest easy in knowing the rewards for your team will be positive and their awareness and education will be enhanced .

  • It's a Win-Win!

    Caterpillar Chow charges wholesale for the plants you sell. That means your organization enjoys all of the profits from the fundraiser. There is no minimum quantity- so your organization can enjoy a bigger budget for their projects based on the fundraising experience.

  • Added prestige

    Your projects with milkweed will add back to the overall habitat and deserves recognition. Your group will receive assistance in applying for an official monarch waystation plaque to show the world you accomplished something for the benefit and future of our ecology and our future generations.

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