Caterpillar Chow

Dedicated to serving the Asclepias, the Danaus and Humanity

In an industry dominated by giants, we are Caterpillar Chow


We are a small company in Lakeside, California. We started our journey growing milkweed in 2020 and opened our doors in 2021. When word spread about our initial offerings of 15 varieties of milkweed we just couldn't keep up with demand, selling out of every crop almost immediately! We had to purchase plants in order to maintain stock for our loyal customers and that's when we decided to expand in 2022.

Fast forward to 2023 and we have a large greenhouse for production and are developing gardens in Lakeside to further habitat education and research.


We grow milkweed from seed and distribute it wherever it is needed. We use technology to produce better crops faster and to help extend the already underserved market with clean, pesticide free food for monarch caterpillars. (and all the other bugs too!) We can produce viable plants in as little as 4-6 weeks. (8 weeks typical)


We work with nonprofits and other agencies to put milkweed habitat back into the wild as well as our urban sprawl. We want to help make sure the decline of the monarch is halted and permanently prevented by harnessing the power of people who care to help put policies in place that protect our natural ecology.

We want to help growers produce like we do so people can obtain locally grown and pesticide free milkweed without the huge carbon footprint of long distance transportation.

We want to expand our facility to create a mecca for research in the San Diego area to help our underserved monarchs, pollinators and habitat.

We want to help put back 1 billion milkweed in California, one neighborhood, public garden and restoration at a time.


We here at Caterpillar Chow hereby promise to tend the earth and humanity with kindness, logic and an open mind- using our vision to find the truth and our ears to hear the advice mother nature and human science have to give us.

We will not utilize any systemic pesticides and will advocate for natural means that do not harm our ecosystem. In the end, we are here for our future generations and their health depends on us, right here and right now.

The land is our home and we must care for it as we do ourselves.

  • Ken Abernathy

    Founder and Mad Scientist at Caterpillar Chow. Ken's wild enthusiasm and love for both humanity and nature propel him forward in every endeavor.

  • Crystal Bowman

    Long time lover and friend of the monarch, Crystal brings her drive for success and delightful personality forward to enhance the lives of everyone she meets.